At the Church

Sunday, September 26  service:
The Rev. Dr. Dong-Ha Kim will be leading us in worship.
His sermon title will be,
Who can transform otherwise desperate lives?
In conjunction with the Re-Opening Committee, arrangements have been made to make this a safe and positive experience.All Covid protocols involving masking, social distancing, sanitation, screening and contact tracing will be followed.
(Click here to view protocols)
There will be NO ZOOM connection for today’s service.
We are hoping to continue with online Zoom worship
and will let you know about the availability. Stay tuned!
NOTE: Until further notice, regularly-scheduled WEEKLY MEETINGS
are continuing with Zoom technology.
To receive login access information for a weekly meeting
please send an Email several days in advance to:

Zoom Cloud LOGIN INFORMATION (For when it is made available once again)

Meeting ID: TBA
Pass Code: TBA
Meeting ID: TBA
Passcode: TBA

 For the SOUTH GATE ZOOM MEETINGS, as is our custom,
the Worship Service will open 5 minutes before 10 am
for the congregation to greet each other.
Microphones will be muted for everyone at 10 am when the service begins.
Only those who are participating in the Service will be un-muted
at the applicable times.
The scripture reading listings, and words to hymns
will appear on the computer screen when applicable.

***PLEASE NOTE when logging on, if Zoom asks you to update,
please say “Yes” and follow the instructions given.***

It may be wise to do this some time over the weekend before the worship service
on Sunday morning to make sure that it is in effect for Sunday.
You can listen to the worship service from your phone OR
you can listen and watch the service from your computer/tablet or smartphone.
Please access either of these at least ten minutes before the start of the worship service.
BY PHONE: (Depending on your phone plan, long distance charges may apply as Zoom uses a Toronto phone number to access their program):
  1. From your phone dial the number as given above (long distance)
  2. You will then be asked to enter a Meeting ID number and password
  3. Press the pound (#) key.
  4. You will then be able to hear the church service.
  1. Download the Zoom app by clicking this link: Zoom app   (Do this step when first joining our online worship service meetings, as it takes a few minutes to download)
  2. Install Zoom on your device and save it in a location on your computer for easy access
  3. Just before the service begins, click on the link as given above
  4. NOTE:  IF you are logging in to  Zoom using “Zoom Cloud Meetings”  and NOT using the link as given, the ID and Password will also be required, as provided above.
  5. Once the Zoom application opens, you will be able to see the service and listen to the worship service through the speakers on your computer.
  6. Click on “Join Audio” at the bottom left-hand corner of your screen.  This will allow you to listen to the service without long distance phone charges.
Thank you to all who make these online services happen!